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About Me

Landscape and Nature are my Passion As you may experience from my work, my definition of the term landscape is wide and deeply personal; it is a reflection of my soul's journey in the Uist environment from early childhood till now. It is a time-lapse imprint of what is precious to me in a place of ever-changing contrast. Camera in hand, venturing into the familiar, yet seeking those moments of the great unknown. Throughout my work, the absence of people in common; they have their place yet are often a distraction in the landscape, removing the eye from the main focal point I am trying to emphasise. Occasionally while I am out photographing, someone may appear on a coastline, on a hilltop or at the edge of the extreme and their presence immediately alters the dialogue between me and my environment. That personal experience suddenly becomes a shared moment, the conscience moves into another state and the landscape takes on a different form.

As a photographer, this is fascinating in trying to capture that interaction that is external to me.  Landscape to me is about movement and the interaction between the static and the external forces of the elements. The whole experience is ever-changing and no scene ever stays the same. The constants changing in the spectrum of light and shadow, the impact of the elements throughout the seasons are all dynamic processes that truly alter a place. Day after day I often return to the same location, seeking that unique moment and personal encounter, where light transforms the scene and  I am taken into a surreal moment with nature. The reward is to be a part of it all. My photographs are a testimony to the alter ego of nature and landscape, as I see it. They also reflect back on the ancient Celtic thought process of a place, where every stone had its place, its purpose, and the landscape was beyond the linear vision we are conditioned to accept today. I am fascinated by the shapes and forms created through the forces of nature and in particular the wind and the sea.  My images enable me to describe my sense of place and belonging to an ancient world. Hopefully, through my work, you can imagine yourself there looking at the same scene. Some of my images try to tell the story of the struggle to survive in this fragile place, where the constant storms make the daily battle to live extreme. In these moments I feel privileged to have been granted the opportunity to record the moment. As I look at my work I am able to relive the euphoria of that time, I am transported back to that day. I am on an endless journey   Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and explore my work. I hope you have as much pleasure in viewing my images as I had in capturing and displaying them.

James G Macletchie 2019